May. 23rd, 2017 05:42 pm
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  1. Hello there! I'm making dinner and having a slow day so I finally have time to make a post. 
  2. I got two As and a B for the last semester, which was a miracle cause one class was HARD!
  3. This summer I'm taking a math class and HOLY MOLY has it been a long time since I've look at that kind of stuff...like 20 years.
  4. I think my daughter (who is 9) is going towards pre-teen moods. She has been moodier and crying a bit more. God help me!
  5. My landlady is kind of nuts. She threatened to evict me over the lawn because it's not up to her standard. She needs a life.
  6. How are all of you? If you want to get to know me better feel free to ask me anything. How are all of you?
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  • Turned in almost all my papers....almost all.
  • Had to deal with a very paper case of depression for a couple of days
  • Fought with the fiance but we seemed to talked it out and seem to be back on track
  • And finally I got to pet a therapy dog by campus provided because of finals.

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My fiance Grant and I have lived together for one year. It's been a year of growing pains. He and the kids had to adjust one another. I am getting more comfortable with letting go and letting him take the reins when disciplining is required when I am not around.

I actually took a trip recently out of town and he figured out a way to stop Jennifer's whining. We've been through some rough times financially and emotionally, but we've I think we will finally be settled in. 

This semester has really kicked my ass. I am almost done with my associate's degree, but these classes have really have been taxing on my brain. Too many papers to write has been too much on my 40 year old brain. 



How are all of you?

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